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Here is a general list of services that we offer the senior and his/her family:

  • Develop a customized home assessment to identify problems, determine assistance eligibility, and make appropriate community referrals.
  • Respond with crisis intervention in the form of counseling and devising an action plan to prevent further similar situations.
  • Conduct a thorough review of financial, legal and medical issues, and make referrals to specialists to conserve assets and avoid future problems.
  • Assist with short- and long-term planning and coordinating services.
  • Conduct mini-mental exam, depression assessment, and make referrals for psychiatric evaluations.
  • Act as a liaison with family members to ensure safety and to alert them to potential problems.
  • Assist with relocation and related issues if it becomes necessary to move.
  • Coordinate with hospital discharges and planning for home needs.
  • Maintain an ongoing assessment of needs and progress and adjust services as needed.

Healthcare Services

  • all medical and dental appointments
  • assist with health insurance issues
  • prescription maintenance
  • nutrition and meal services
  • and any medical equipment needs

Personal Services

  • home and companion care
  • transportation needs
  • financial management
  • errands, housekeeping and bill-paying
  • travel
  • long-term care insurance
  • daily correspondence.

Relocation Services

Assistance with recommendations and coordination services for the senior to move to the appropriate level of care, depending on care needs.

Legal and Financial Services
Direct assistance with:

  • advanced directives
  • durable power of attorney, trusts and living wills
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • long-term care insurance issues
  • and conservator referrals